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What do Buyers Want in a Luxury Home?

Buying a home is a dream come true, but buying a luxury home is on an entirely new level of excitement. When you can afford the luxuries found in these homes (considered a home costing $500,000 or more) you can really say that you are living the good life. You will find that luxury homes feature lavish amenities and it is those amenities that make them so grandeur. You can ask for any of the following amenities when speaking to luxury home builders phoenix AZ to ensure a custom built home designed to your specifications. These are the most common luxury home amenities desired today.

Commercial-Grade Kitchen

A commercial kitchen looks good in your home and most buyers know this already! The stunning appliances, durable home goods, and great prices are all features that you gain when you opt for a commercial-grade kitchen in your luxury home. Warming drawers and wine cellars are two additional features that people desire in these kitchens.


Home automation is all the rage right now, and so you can only expect it to be available in the luxury home that you purchase. The ideas and options are truly endless, so if you can think it, there’s a good chance it can be done. How does it sound to push a button and control your home? Technology is great, isn’t it?

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is another desirable luxury home feature. You can find them in all sizes and shapes, and built-in to the ground or above-ground. The swimming pool provides a fun place to enjoy during the summer, added home value, a great place so exercise, and so much more.

These amenities are only some of the luxury amenities found in exquisite homes. Which of these do you like the most? They’re all available, and yours if you want.